My stats from this morningWhen I started this blog I had in mind just playing; experimenting with the medium, being anonymous and not paying any attention to whether or not anyone was reading it. It didn’t really seem important.

Within a couple of weeks I found myself adding “Share” buttons to the posts, finding ways to have each post automatically announced to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and sending copies to my (so far) uncomplaining friends and family. And I’ve found myself checking the stats several times a day. And I’ve been quite surprised by the numbers I’ve gotten on a few posts considering how new this blog is and how unfocussed.

I’ve looked at advice about starting a blog. It always says to choose a topic, and make it a fairly narrow topic so people who are interested can find you and and they’ll know what to expect. I didn’t and I don’t want to do that. I want the blog to suggest topics to me and for it to never be dedicated to a single topic.

The name Chaos Central has been the name I gave to the hard drive on my computer for 10 or 15 years. It always seemed appropriate to an environment that holds hundreds of thousands of files, most of which are completely mysterious to me. I can never keep the organisation of the applications and documents that I use under control, and can’t imaging trying to completely clean out the crap that is everywhere I look. No matter what I do I’m pretty sure it will always be chaotic. And I don’t mind. Chaos is good. Chaos is fun. Chaos is, more or less, how life works.

I’ve clearly got topics that interest me. I’m a skeptic, and I’ll be writing about that – and not just vaccinations. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life and believe that talking about it is important to me and to us all, so that’ll have a place here. I want to curate things I like that I run into on the internet – I like the fact that they seem much less ephemeral here than they would if I just posted them to Facebook or emailed to a few friends. And I’d like to keep approaching this environment with a ‘beginners mind’; I have no idea what I’m doing but figuring it out should be a lot of fun.

What I’d really like is conversation, and argument and new ideas and interaction. So feel free to write in the comments. Try the Facebook comments or the blog comments. I’m trying to figure out which will work better. Please make suggestions. Please criticise. Please tell me about my typos and when I write a sentence that doesn’t make sense.

On one level I don’t care if I don’t get a readership. On another I’m offended by anyone who doesn’t subscribe. In between I really don’t mind a bit of chaos.