This is a pelican. It has nothing to do with this post.

Most blogs end quickly.  The author gets off to a good start, discovers that it takes time and it doesn’t continue.  I get that.  It feels like I’m at the crunch point of this blog already.  It doesn’t help that I have no big plans for this offering.  I don’t have a political, spiritual, moral or intellectual philosophy that I want to spread.  I don’t have illusions of being an author.  I don’t plan to write an on-line diary for my friends and family.  I’m not at all sure what I’m going to do, or even if I’m going to do it.

But I’ve had fun so far.  I keep fiddling with the look and feel of the blog in hopes of finding something that does what I imagine I want it to do.  With luck I’ll stay with this one (whichever one you happen to be looking at) and try just writing rather than fiddling with the technology.  When I haven’t been fiddling I’ve found the writing enjoyable.  I suppose that my history with writing tended towards it being a duty and a lot of work.  Now I’m free to have fun with it.  And if I stop having fun I can simply stop.

I’ve published a few videos and pictures that I liked.  (Those who have subscribed have seen these more than once as I fiddle with the technology).  I like the idea of curating content as well as creating my own.  I’ve posted the occasional joke and interesting bit on Facebook but I notice how transitory everything on Facebook feels.  If my “friends” don’t read what I write pretty much immediately, thing move down the page and eventually disappear off the edge of the wall.  If I post those sorts of things on my blog they will follow me forever.  Perhap no one will read any of it, but that’s pretty much up to me.  If I produce something that is of interest to other and put some effort into self promotion, perhaps I’ll have readers.  If I don’t perhaps I’ll just have some fun for a while.

I do not have the time to read what I’d like to read in a day.  I’ve got plenty of spare time these days, but there can never be enough.  Not any more.  I remember reading that it was only  a few hundred years ago that a well read person could have read everything that was available to read.  Now there are more words produced in an hour than any human could read in a year.  Perhaps in a lifetime.  There may be a point in contributing to the cacophony.  I’d like to think so.  I’d like to think that in the saying I’ll discover what there is to say.

I intend to continue, to see what flows out of my brain through my fingertips.  If, in my stumbling and meandering way, I manage to produce something of value out of this project, that will be good.  That will be fun.

5 Responses to “An update”

  1. Heather says:

    Buggah. Just wrote you a LONG comment and lost it somehow in trying to submit it. Anyway – in SUMMARY! – I really enjoyed this introspection and, besides that you enjoy doing it (which is critical), it’s a way of connecting with people like myself who enjoy being in your head. I don’t often comment; sometimes I skim rather than devour – but always I appreciate the time I’m spending with you. My time is limited too but reading your blo9 is a way I like spending it.
    That’s worth something on its own.

  2. That was kind of interesting, an insight to Daniel… And yes, kind of fun…… 🙂

  3. michael says:

    Well this is the first time Ive actually had a look around on this site and was happy to see you had a blog. A special blog as it had no particular barrel to push. Personally I’ve almost had it up to my tonsils with “spiritual agendas”. Somewhere along the way buddha got into bed with Donald Trump who in turn both jumped into bed with Bill Gates…giving birth to this weird online spiritual business frenzy. Which I, and linkedin, are probably a part of. sigh.
    Im a meat eater angry at the way we farm….an envvironmentalist with 2 cars…a meditator with road rage…and a believer both in fate AND self determination. In short Im walking a crooked 21 century line looking for Leunigs duck for salvation. So….I especially enjoyed the ubiquitious pelican and your search for a reason to write the blog.

    • I’ve been trying to work out who you are. Can you help? (I’ve found a number of Michaels in Linked In.)

      • michael says:

        Hey Daniel…..its michael shaw. In Melbourne. It HAS been a while so why would you recognise an anonymous Michael.
        Im somehow managed to avoid a facebook page….and social network sites but your blog pulled me in!

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