Pretty much everyone who is reading this has likely seen some of the vaccination stuff I’ve been doing.  I don’t want to write about that again, at least for now, because this is not a vaccination blog.  That wouldn’t be sufficiently chaotic.   However, I will ask that you go to and vote up my article.  It’s getting a fair bit of attention, but a bit more won’t go astray.

This post is just a quick diet note.  In the first, admittedly fairly strict, two weeks of the diet I lost 4 kilos.  That’s half of what I want to lose, and I never got hungry.  I assume that I ate fewer calories and that some of the weight loss is fluid, but it’s pretty surprising to me.  I ate plenty.

It’s interesting.  I’ve spent a long time intending to do something about my slowing increasing weight.  I’d look at the scale in the morning and tell myself, in one of a range of tones of voice, that it’s time.  At any time I could have done something about it.  But I didn’t.  And now I’m doing something about it.  So what’s the difference between then and now.  Have I suddenly discovered a discipline gene?

I don’t think there is anything different.  In the past I put more energy into excuses and at the moment I’m not.  Nothing has changed except that now I’m losing weight and before I wasn’t.  Nothing.  And yet whatever that nothing is I’d love to be able to bottle it.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

By the way, my BMI is now 24, safely in the normal range.  My beach ball is intact, though tending towards basketball.  I’m sticking with this regime until I hit 75kg.  Then I’ll have to figure out how to stay there.