Back when I could sing. Moon River a cappella.

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It’s not really true that I could sing then (three years ago) any better then than I can sing now.  Some days I convince myself that I can sing and other days I have evidence of the opposite.  Anyway, I enjoy it and will probably always find a way to do some singing.

This is a recording I made by putting my iPhone on the floor when Alchemy A Cappella were rehearsing this number.  We worked on it for months, performed it once and never got back to it.  I’ve always liked how this came out.

I was one of the two tenors. I’m not really a tenor. I can’t hit the higher notes without squeaking.  But I’m not a bass either.  So I try to fake it in the tenor section.  There were only 8 or 9 of us in the group so there was no hiding out.  We had to actually learn our parts.

Ronelle Knowles was our incredibly talented, patient and tolerant choir director.  Thank you Ronelle.

Moon River

(If this is violating copyright I ask for forgiveness in advance.)

EDIT: I’ve changed the link to the audio. It should work correctly now.

I left Sydney and Alchemy two and a half years ago.  These days I sing with a community choir in Wingham NSW called Wingsong.  I love it.  We don’t do anything quite as challenging as Moon River was, but we still make nice harmonies.  Singing is its own reward.