Comments I’ve gotten.

I get comments.  The other day I had a rush of blood to my head and started a cause on Facebook.  It was about discouraging anti-vaccination propaganda on Facebook.  No big deal, right? I got some pretty quick response.  There are now 88 people who've taken the pledge.  Since I've done … Continue reading

My first diet. Really.

My BMI (Body Mass Index) is 25.2. Overweight starts at 25. So I'm now on a diet. I like to claim that I have always been thin. Mostly that's because I was thin for a very long time. But little by little I've progressed from not thin through normal through the higher end of normal and finally … Continue reading

98 hits on Wednesday! Wow!

When I started this blog I had in mind just playing; experimenting with the medium, being anonymous and not paying any attention to whether or not anyone was reading it. It didn't really seem important. Within a couple of weeks I found myself adding "Share" buttons to the posts, finding ways to … Continue reading