The Craig Egan/Tenpenny Saga. Part 3: Tenpenny Returns

Jan 9, 2017 | Alt-med, Conspiracy theories, Skepticism, Vaccination | 0 comments

Screenshot from the Dr Tenpenny, The Woo is not Enough Facebook Page

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines is back on Facebook.  If you don’t partake in Facebook I suppose you won’t be able to see what she’s up to, but she has websites as well.  Feel free to look her up on the innerwebs.  Tenpenny Integrated Medical Centers, the page for her business where she offers up all manner of unscientific therapies, has also returned.  They are both up and running, though feeling just a bit more sedate than usual.

At the same time the meat version of Craig Egan is laying low.  A call from the FBI will do that to you. He’s not going anywhere near the Tenpenny sites for the time being.

If you go to either site and look at the list of “Likes”, you’ll find some interesting names.  On the Medical Center site I found lists like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9 January, 11.58.33 AM
Craig Egan’s name is everywhere on both sites.  It looks like Craig Egan has become more than a mere person; he’s becoming a movement.

What’s being reported is that the Tenpenny site has set up a spam filter to automatically remove the name Craig Egan.  They say that a lot of people have attempted to post a comment that reads “I am Craig Egan”, but it doesn’t show up on the page; it automatically hidden.  They say that posting more innocuous messages like “Do your research.  You know, like from textbooks and stuff” aren’t automatically removed, but will disappear pretty quickly.  So Tenpenny, possibly with a number of supporters, are being very active in removing unwanted comments from their pages.

Apparently names of people and pages that “Like” a page remain after the person or page is banned.  So the battle of Craig Egan is being waged in the “Likes” on posts.  Both sides are creating pages with names that are a message and liking posts on the Tenpenny pages.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9 January, 12.14.04 PM

It certainly looks like the game is on.  A lot of the game is being played in the name of Craig Egan.

But Craig Egan has left the field.

Please feel free to visit Dr. Tenpenny’s site and have your say. She welcomes healthy, well meaning debate. (Where did I put that sarcasm font?) And besides, it just might be fun.  If anyone knows how to make anonymous pages in order to make your points more emphatically, please pass on the information in a comment on this page.  You can use any name you wish.