Freely Flowing

May 20, 2022 | Music, Songs | 0 comments

This is the song referenced in “Blue Book”, the story song I released a few days ago. I found the lyrics in a fifty year old travel journal. I tried to find Patrick Dietsch, the composer of the original song, but I was too late. He died in May 2021.

When I found the lyrics my memory of tune sort of came back. I was pretty sure about how the first line went and the first two or three chords, but I was unable to recover the rest of the song. So I decided to write a melody and chord progression that reflected the original song as best as I could recall. I really don’t know how much of the song was written by Patrick Dietsch and how much was written by me.

This became my song because I spent 15 minutes of scribbling on December 31, 1972. I’d love for it to exist for a few more years with just a smidgen less obscurity.

You can look up Patrick Dietsch on Google. He wasn’t a superstar but he was a successful and respected musician with a long career.

released May 20, 2022
Music by Patrick Dietsch and Daniel Weinstein
Lyrics and production by Daniel Weinstein