Let me say, by way of introduction, that this song is satire.  It is not an anthem for the aged disengaged. 

I say this because once in a while the reaction I get is, “Yeah.  That kinda sums up where I’m at too.”  I want it to be clear – that is NOT the reaction I’m looking for.  And it’s not where I’m at.

I plan to make some sort of video to go with the song, but haven’t done that yet.  For now this is just the song.  

This was one of those songs that took almost no time to write.  I had the thought and wrote all the words in 15 minutes one day and wrote the tune just as quickly.  That’s the way these things go sometimes.  Since it was so quick I didn’t consider it to be a “significant” song. More a filler that people seemed to like.

John Vallins did all of the production.  He put together the entire backing track including the background singers.  I was planning a trip to Bellingen to do the vocals but a lockdown intervened.  I did the vocals at home with whatever sound equipment I could find.  I’d just gotten over a cold and was still hoarse, but I figured it might make me sound more curmudgeonly so went ahead with it.  I didn’t even play my guitar on the recording.  The result is what you can hear by clicking on the arrow above.

My big hope is that one or more of you click on the share button and send a link to your friends.  It’s Ok if you don’t, but I’d like lots of people to hear the song so it’d be great if you did.

This is the first song I’ve put on Bandcamp.  Let me know what you think of it as a platform.  For a while I thought that a good way to put music in front of people would be to put it on YouTube.  I’ve done that with a few songs (I’ll create posts on this site for them soon) but it can be a lot of work.  

This is also the first blog post I’ve written in almost 5 years.  If it sounds a bit creaky that’d be why.  I hope this is the start of more writing, more rants, more opinions and a lot of music.  Wish me luck.