I’ve done more writing in the last few weeks than I have in pretty much my entire life.  And I’m discovering something about what that is.

I’m impatient.  I’ve always written in a short and highly condensed manner.  Eve refers to it as my Hallmark Cards style.  I do it very quickly and then it’s over.

Now that I’m writing slightly longer pieces I’m finding that I haven’t got the patience to really work out what I’m doing.  Everything seems to take a long time to do and I’m trying to get it done as fast as possible.  I see people who write long, well organised, insightful pieces almost every day and I can’t imagine what it would take to do that?  When I find that those same people work full time jobs and have lots of other interests I have to figure that they simply don’t require very much sleep.

But I’ve had a major realisation.  One that could change both my life and the lives of everyone around me.  I’m sure it’s fodder for a bestselling book.  The thing that will make an incredible difference to my writing and to all our lives is…


(sorry, gotta go)