Was in New Zealand until about 10 days ago.  Had a spontaneous two week campervan trip around the South Island.  It’s a beautiful place – one incredible scene after another.  Took a lot of photographs that in spite of excellent intentions are not yet cleaned out.  There are still around 1300 of them – videos and images.  One that I like is above.  It’s the peaks of Mt. Cook on a clear morning.  It wasn’t sunset at the time, but that’s the way the image came out.  It’s kinda iconic, don’t you think?

This is a post that exists simply to be a post.  It’s a way of saying to myself that I’m not quite ready to give up on this writing business.  I feel that this blog was an interesting start to something.  I didn’t then and I don’t now know what that something might be, but it hardly matters. What matters is moving on, finding new ways to not be stuck; to not settle; to not stop moving.  I know how to stagnate.  It comes easily to me.  Discovering new ways of being is harder and, once discovered, it’s harder still to stay the course.

So all I have to say tonight is that I’m still here.  That will have to do.