Home page of the yogaanywhere website

This is my first post in a week.  Theoretically I intend to posts every couple of days, but I’m not sure where that intention came from.  Eve posts almost every day in her blog Yoga Suits Her.  She’s done that for most of 6 years with a few short breaks.  That’s scary discipline, but Eve’s a yoga teacher and has been for 30+ years.  I’ve come to expect that sort of discipline from her.  I rebel against it of course; it’s not something I’m trying to live up to. She’s an inspiration to all her students but I have to remind myself that I’m her husband.  It good to have clearly define roles.

The last week has been hectic. I’ve had paid work which I think is a good thing. It’s eaten up quite a bit of time.  I’ve been keeping up with my vaccination initiative, at least a bit, and that has also eaten time.  But the thing that has kept me off the streets for the last week, indeed for the last month, is creating a website.  It’s something I’ve never done before and like everything I’ve ever done on a computer it’s been immensely time consuming.  

The site is www.YogaAnywhere.net.  It’s for Eve’s on-line business.  I won’t tell you about the business or the product.  If you’re interested go to the site. That’s what it’s for.  

I’ve come away with an increased respect for website developers. I’ve set this up in WordPress using a theme that I purchased the right to use for a year.  I’m pretty sure they’ll let me use it for another year if I give them more money.  That’s the way this sort of thing works.  The theme allows me to do fancy things, some of which you can see on the site.  Of course not a single thing you’ll see on the site worked the first time I tried it.  Or the second.  Some of the things I tried never worked at all and I had to give up.  I’ve actually read the manual, communicated with the support team, read large parts of the forum to find out how other people got things to work.  I feel like I’ve earned a bit of a breather.  Just in time to travel down to Sydney to pick my big sister up from the Airport (her first time in Australia).  Next Saturday Ben, my only progeny, is marrying Jade, his wonderful partner.  It will continue to be a busy time for all I suspect, and I don’t hold out great hopes for a lot of blog posts in then next couple of weeks.  But you never know.

All this activity is occurring in the midst of being officially retired.  At least semi.  I don’t think I’ve every work harder.  

Out of this activity I’m becoming aware of the power of the internet age.  Eve and I moved to the country, out of the chaos of the city, away from our careers and all the busy-ness that entailed.  If we’d done this a few years ago it would probably have lowered our profiles in the world.  We would have been outside the loop and our worlds would most likely have become smaller over time.  But that hasn’t happened.  Eve’s blog is being read by 200 to 300 people a day around the world.  The YogaAnywhere Facebook page will have 1000 likes by the time you’re likely to have read this.  That means everything that Eve writes on the page is seen by a lot of people.  Facebook kindly tells us how many, and it really is a lot.  I’ve started this silly blog and had almost 1000 hits one day – people I never met and will probably never meet.  My Facebook page Anti-Anti-Vaccine Campaign has 89 likes in just a month or so and Facebook tells me that hundreds of people read some of my posts.  My page has even been referred to at AAVC in a comment I saw.  I’ve made it! I’ve got an acronym.

This has been an interesting time.  I don’t know where it’s likely to lead, but I’m enjoying the journey.