I’ve been working on two causes at causes.com.  The first one was The Anti-Anti-Vaccine Campaign.  The intention was and is to encourage people to challenge anti-vaccine propaganda that shows up on their Facebook newsfeed.  It’s still alive but I haven’t worked out how to promote it very effectively.  The people at causes.com said it was too negative and appealed to too small a segment of the population for them to add it to their featured causes.  I still think it’s worthwhile and I’ll come up with better ways to get the message out there sooner or later.

The second cause I’ve named The Immunization Initiative.  It’s taking a more positive spin.  I’ve started by promoting the idea that getting a flu shot is not about avoiding the flu, not really.  It’s about not passing the flu on to someone who might die of it.  This cause is working better.  I started with a pledge.  I added a quiz. Then I added a poll.  The poll has been voted on by almost 600 people.  It seems that something is working.

So today I came across this video.  I’ve added it to the cause here.

Please let me know what you think of all of it.