Diamond Beach Sunset

Diamond Beach Sunset

Had a walk on the beach at sunset this evening.  Took the above picture on my iPhone.  There’s no way I could really capture the iridescence of the reflections on the water, particularly on an iPhone, but I still like the picture.

While I was walking I was thinking about themes.  When I read advice about what to do with a blog it usually includes a suggestion about picking a topic.  Something that can act as the theme for your blog; that will give readers an idea about what they can expect when they come to visit.

I came into this with no idea whatsoever.  It’s still like that.  I have no illusions that my life is interesting enough in its chaotic meanderings that my story is likely to hold too many readers.  I know that there are many superb bloggers writing knowledgeably about science and skepticism.  I doubt I’ve got much to add to that discussion (though I might try from time to time).  I started this project with a vague intention of remaining anonymous and unread, though I’m not clear why I’d want to do that.

I’m still have no real idea why I’m doing this at all.  I notice that, having announced my presence, I’m interested in how many people (and who) might be reading.  I’ve very interested in people making comments and starting a dialogue.  I want to be read.  But why?  What have I got to say?  Why am I doing this?

One thing that I noticed this evening was that I was engaged in that question.  I was thinking about the why of it all.  And I was thinking about what I might want to write about.  In that is a clue, I think.  I think the value to me of writing this blog is that it will encourage me to notice, to think about why and what and where and when.  I think that the prospect of writing will have me notice my life in a different way.

A friend told me she was doing a positivity quiz on the net every night as part of a positive psychology exercise.  At first she’d find out how negative she was, day after day.  But over time she started noticing things to be positive about as she moved through her day.  Things that she had overlooked before she started the exercise became opportunities to get a better mark on her daily quiz.  And the result was she became more positive.

I think this blog might serve a purpose something like that.  Not necessarily leading to more positivity, but to more noticing.  To more paying attention to my life.  To being more myself.

I’ve just started this process.  Who knows, this could be my last blog, but I don’t think so.  This is an experiment in doing something for the sake of doing it.  And, who knows, it may prove to have a point after all.