Please click on the image below and take the quiz.  

And while you’re at it why not take the pledge and get

a flu shot this year (and every year).

2 Responses to “Influenza. I’ve created a quiz.”

  1. Don’t know enough about influenza to comment. All I know is you decrease your likelihood of disease by eating right, getting good sleep, de-stressing your life, and doing some exercise. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food” Hippocrates.

    • Influenza is a virus. You catch it by being around people with influenza and your lifestyle doesn’t help much. Not everyone gets sick – approximately 33% of people with influenza have no symptoms (perhaps lifestyle helps with that). However they still have the virus and can pass it on. Perhaps to someone over 80 or someone undergoing chemotherapy for whom the flu could be fatal. It’s not just about avoiding the flu but protecting others in your life. I rarely get the flu but I alway get a flu shot.

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