Still a diet seven days later.

Jul 1, 2012 | Health, Skepticism | 3 comments

Deep, extremely deep


Been away for a couple of day.  I suppose it’s time to catch up.

First off I thought it would be good to mention that the morning after writing my post about starting a diet I weighed myself. I weighed 81.6kg, which was down around a kilo from the day before. My weight varies that much on a daily basis, depending on what I ate the night before or my exercise decisions or something.  I know it means nothing.

However. I’m 181cm tall.  When I plug these into a BMI calculator they give me 24.9.  That isn’t overweight!  I’d succeeded and I’d only started the diet minutes before.  In fact I was dieting so well in those minutes that I hadn’t eaten anything at all for the entire duration.  And look how well it had worked – a pretty good argument for fasting if you ask me.  Or maybe it was just good intentions and wishing the weight off.  The Secret is the book that tells us that if you wish hard enough you will get what you want.  Maybe this was all mind/body connection spiritual quantum stuff like they all talk about.  If it good enough for Deepak Chopra, it’s good enough for me. 

By the way, have a look at this for a bigger dose of Deepak than you ever thought possible.  Have you ever noticed that the first part of his name is Deep, which means wise and all-knowing or something in various dialects.

After I realised that I wasn’t overweight any more I looked down on my personal beach ball and decided I’d keep going with the diet anyway.  

And here I am after a week.  I think I weigh less even though the diet I chose doesn’t ask me to go hungry or eat less.  I think it’s working and I’m doing a good job of sticking to it.  I’ll be able to be my own test case for my own opinion that this will work if I stick to it because any restrictive diet will work if you stick to it.  I’ll find out how I’m doing when I weigh myself in the morning.

We were away at the Dungog Film Festival over the weekend.  It’s held in Dungog, a small country town a couple of hours from here.  We didn’t see any feature films (though we purchased the DVD of Bathing Frankie after attending a talk about how this nano-budget feature was made – we might watch it tonight), but had a great time with what we did see: close to 40 short films, a series of stories created for radio listened to in the dark and a talk about the making of a movie.  

Between being at home with a diet and on the road with a diet I learned something about diets.  The effort it takes to make sure you do the right thing is possibly the main thing that takes the weight off.  At home I was trying to follow the meal plans for the first week.  I was supposed to eat five times a day.  I never made it.  Each meal required a lot more thought and preparation than I usually put into meals.  While we were away I went from cafe to cafe trying to figure out what they had on the menu that I could eat.  That was a lot of walking.  Well, not really, there were only three cafes in town.  I ended up asking them to make something special at one and ordered a steak sandwich from which I removed the bread and pineapple at another.  I mean really, who has the time and energy to eat this little?

Anyway, it’s all been easy.  Thought you’d like to know.

I’ve been avoiding having this blog be a running diary of my life.  I think that wouldn’t even interest me.  But tonight I couldn’t think of what to write, and had the thought that I should write something.  So here it is.  The thinning process and how I did it.  Sorry.

But I did include the Deepak Chopra Quote Generator.  That’s gotta count for something.