Yesterday’s post was about my reaction to a Facebook post by a well known yoga teacher of my acquaintance. I said that when I see anti-vaccination propaganda I tend to respond and challenge the post in hopes of getting the writer to stop posting that sort of propaganda.  I know I’m unlikely to change their opinion, but at least I may be able to decrease the antivax background noise, at least a little.

Well, in yesterday’s case it worked. The teacher contacted me privately and said

I will not post any more on the subject of Vaccinations on Facebook or any public forum at this stage . . . I could continue our postings but they are causing tension amongst my close friends.

I’m not sure what he meant by tension, but I suspect that there are quite a number of his friends who don’t take kindly to his views being challenged.  One of the commenters on the Facebook post suggested that I not question his views because

I believe XXX speaks from wisdom and a heightened state of awareness that is beyond you and I.

When I challenge assertions I try to be extremely respectful of the person who’s beliefs I’m challenging.  I like to ask questions, be interested in why they believe what they do and have an extremely civil discussion.  As it turns out I fail as often as I succeed, but I’d like to think that I’m getting better as time goes on.  Yesterday I was a whole lot more direct than usual.  I was pissed off and wanted to make a big splash very quickly.  And apparently it worked.

I posted a link to yesterday’s blog to the comments list on Facebook so a number of the teacher’s friends would have seen it.  I have no idea if anyone from that discussion (now ended, I guess, at least I’m through with it) will ever read this post.  If they do I hope they understand that I have known the teacher for many years, consider him my friend, and wish him nothing but well.  I also think he may be succumbing to the Guru syndrome that is always a risk for popular teachers in the yoga world.  And I worry that his identification of himself as a scientist (which he tells me is current, that he’s still very much a scientist in his view) contributes to that in a worrying way.  When he can say to people without a background in science that something is true and he knows it because of his background in science, it can be very persuasive.  But not necessarily true.  Add that to the projection that students attach to a popular teacher and there is a recipe for intellectual abuse.  I am clear that the teacher is not well informed about the science of vaccination, but he has still set himself up as an authority.  I can only wonder what other notions he has become an “authority” in.  Anyway, he’s a great guy and most of us love him because, not in spite of, him being a bit crazy.

But not bat-shit crazy.  One of the other commenters read my post from yesterday, saw my reference to Meryl Dory and Jenny McCarthy as bat-shit crazy and took offence because he thought I was referring to anyone who disagreed with me.  I wasn’t, but it got me to thinking about the term bat-shit crazy.  What does it mean?  Can I come up with a definition for it?  And then I saw the final comment on the Facebook post before I left.  This, for me, is as good an example of bat-shit crazy as I’m likely to find.  Not a definition, but it’ll do.

Here’s my last cent: vaccine is an organized criminal entreprise dressed up as disease prevention.It causes MORE diseases than cure, is a disaster in our immune system , they are useless and dangerous. Silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with vaccine manufactures.. -How much proof one need that vaccines has damaged lives instead of improving health and “protecting” from diseases??injecting deadly toxic ingredients like mercury, formaldehyde , phenol,acetone, antifreeze, human blood, animal organs, bacterial and viral DNA, aborted human fetus.. will NOT make your immune system stronger and safe without causing serious adverse reactions , health injuries..if not death. Vaccinations often prevent immunity from developing , resulting in repeated illness.Pro -vaxers think that they must be right because they are the majority. after all, all the medical scientists , health professionals, goverment agencies and the WHO, who promote vaccination can’t possibly be wrong!The best immunisation worth having is breast milk from the start and continuing living a natural healthy Life style.Knoledge is power and the only shot you will ever need is TRUTH. Wake up!

I’m pretty sure this was not meant as a parody!


6 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Cassandra says:

    I love your definition of bat-shit crazy – as scary as it is. Sometimes I just want to pick up these bat-shit-crazy individuals and drop them in a developing country somewhere and see how long it takes them to pick up an infectious disease and then see how they feel about disease prevention!

    • Thanks Cassandra,
      I try not to call them bat-shit-crazy to their face. It’s a bit counter productive. I was referring to Joe Mercola and Jenny McCarthy, and I do think I’d call them BSC to their faces because of the damage they are doing and trying to do.
      The original author of the line “vaccine is an organized criminal entreprise dressed up as disease prevention” commented here. She was proud of her contribution. I marked her comment as spam. I do not want to have this blog become a place for the forces of crazy to waste my time. Maybe later, but right now I’m new at this and would rather have rational discussions. The anti-vaxers have many many places to spew their nonsense. Just not here.

  2. Wow, pretty arrogant. You silence your friend who was obviously speaking of something he is passionate about and you still consider yourself a friend? With friends like that…
    Do you folks realize there has NEVER been a study of the safety of the CDC recommended childhood vaccination schedule? Not one study of its safety. EVER!

    • Could be arrogance. But if my friend was into porn I wouldn’t want him to post and promote it in a public forum that includes me. He can talk about it with his friends or keep his opinions to himself. Hint.

  3. Well for starters THIS is a public forum, anybody can see it. Facebook is NOT, you have to have an account to see it and more than likely your friends posts are only visible to his friends therefore, it seems to me that he was talking to his “friends” about his opinion and you asked him to silence it. Additionally, in you post above you have all but directly call him batshit crazy too. So now I ask, with friends like you?
    Is your friend the one who should be keeping his opinion to himself, or is it maybe you? Because you have effectively told him, “If your opinion does not jive with mine, you need to STFU.” In his forum no less. Maybe just defriending him would have been a better because you can’t have much respect for him if you would try to silence him. And just for the record, retired scientist STILL know how to interpret science. It is like riding a bike, not something you forget. You may be the one who should STFU and hear what the man has to say. He obviouly has the education to back it up.

    • If a friend comes to my party and gets offensively drunk I will ask him to leave. I won’t defriend him unless he does it a lot. And having the education to back something up is different to backing something up. His approach was “trust me I’m a scientist”. It doesn’t wash.

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