The Craig Egan/Tenpenny Mystery. The Saga Continues.

Jan 8, 2017 | Conspiracy theories, Health, Vaccination | 3 comments



I just saw the following in a Facebook post.

I just got a call at work from the FBI. The agent asked me if I knew who Dr Tenpenny was and if I was “trolling” her page. I explained the best I could and offered full cooperation. 

If that was me I would be describing a moment of shitting myself.  The FBI. Is calling me. Why is the FBI calling me? Shit.

But it turns out that writer went by the name of Craig Egan.  Yesterday I suggested the possibility that Craig Egan isn’t a real person. It turns out there are definitely people by that name.  One is  a stand-up comedian who lives in Adelaide, South Australia.  This is not that Craig Egan.

He was friendly and it seemed like he considered this rather silly and waste of time.

Craig Egan indeed exists.  He does indeed challenge the nonsense of anti-vaxxers on Facebook; maybe elsewhere as well.  I don’t know.  I’ve never met the man.  But he exists and I like his work. 

You can find the story of the possible demise of the Dr Tenpenny Anti-Vaccine Empire here at the Skewed Distribution Blog.

It must be noted that the hypothesis that Tenpenny simply wanted a weekend off from cyberspace cannot be rejected, but perhaps other theories can. These latter suppositions are represented by the conspiratorial spin regarding the disappearance of Tenpenny’s pages that is nothing short of hilarious. At, current theories include:

1. That Tenpenny’s Facebook page was hacked…by super-villian Craig Egan.

2. That Craig Egan is paid by Big Pharma to attack anti-vaxxers’ websites.

That post was written before the revelation that the FBI has called Craig Egan at his workplace.  His workplace was revealed on Dr Tenpenny’s blog so we know that Dr Tenpenny and her followers knew where he worked.  What’s not known is whether it was Dr Tenpenny or one of her followers who set in motion the actions that resulted in a call from the FBI.

One thing that we do know is that the anti-vaccination crazies are paranoid.  They live in a world where doctors, hospitals, public health officials and scientists are all party to a conspiracy;  A conspiracy that is willing to kill and damage children so as to enrich the pharmaceutical industry.  Their government is out to get them, along with every other government on earth and everyone who works in mainstream healthcare.  It must be a scary place to live.  

Here is my favourite quote from Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

DOCTORS and PUBLIC HEALTH officials are Americans coming after Americans.
They are the enemy within our borders.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny D.O.



The fact that a person by the name of Craig Egan exists and was involved in the downfall of Sherri Tenpenny is possibly not the final answer to the question “Who is Craig Egan?”.  There is more to this story.  I’m still searching for answers. Are there others involved? If so why? How? What’s next.  I’ll tell you what I know when I know it.